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Marketing Development

Production Contraction


Contract Seed


Thomas Ag provides affordable marketing services for seed and other agriculture products, with a focus on small companies that do not have in-house marketing teams. Read More »

Based in heart of Oregon's grass seed production region, we have great relationships with many seed producers and can help your company find and/or manage more production acres. Read More »

Inventory Risk


With our extensive contacts and experience in seed trading, we help distributors maintain needed inventories while minimizing inventory and production risks. Read More »

As turf and forage seed production acres fluctuate, seed availability can be a major issue. We work with numerous production companies and growers to find the product you need. Read More »

Proprietary Variety

Inventory Reporting Program

We work with numerous plant breeders and production companies to secure and offer distributors their own proprietary varieties, along with securing the needed production acres. Read More »

When distributors call us looking for product, our unique, free Inventory Reporting Program allows Thomas Ag Services to immediately see the product you want to sell. Read More »

Welcome to Thomas Ag Services, LLC

Thomas Ag Services is a unique company that provides agriculture services ranging from marketing, product development, turf and forage seed procurement, securing and managing seed production acres, and seed producer sales and inventory assistance. Learn more about us.


Thomas Ag Services Winter Newsletter

In December, Thomas Ag Services distributed it's winter seed industry newsletter to Oregon seed growers. Topics include new and expanding seed companies and market updates broken down by domestic regions and international areas. Read More

El Niño's effect on Central Oregon's dry desert farmers could be mild or wild

In nearly 30 years of desert farming at the Big Falls Ranch north of Redmond, Rex Barber Jr. has seen dry years and wet years. "I have yet to see an average year,'' Barber said. "The only thing certain about weather is that it's going to change." Read More