About Thomas Ag Services

The Story

Thomas Ag Services was founded in Oregon's Willamette Valley in 2010 by Mike Thomas. He saw a need to provide a variety of services to all sectors of the turf and forage seed industry - seed production, marketing, procurement, agronomic consulting, etc. A large portion of the industry's supply chain consists of small companies - farmer producers, plant breeders, production companies, distributors, retailers, etc. Most of these companies scattered around the country have no more than a couple dozen employees, and although they often need assistance in one or more areas of their business, they can't justify hiring more full-time people.

Furthermore, larger companies have increasingly realized they are better off outsourcing services to experts. Mike, therefore, formed a service/consulting group that affordably provides these various services to both small and larger businesses. As the company has developed, Thomas Ag Services has expanded its services to include other segments of the agriculture industry and beyond.

Thomas Ag Services Staff

Mike Thomas

Specialties: Seed Production, Seed Procurement/Sales, Business Development

A Graduate of Oregon State University, with a B.S. in Ag Economics, Mike has lived and worked in the mid-Willamette Valley his entire life, and he has spent more than 20 years in the grass seed industry.  Mike began his career on a local seed farm operating equipment and a grass seed warehouse. While in college, he worked as a technician for a USDA grass seed breeding program.

After graduation he was production manager of Barenbrug USA, an international seed company. He was then a general manager and part owner of Lewis Seed Company for 10 years before leaving and starting Thomas Ag Services in 2009. Mike has served in the seed industry as president of the Oregon Seed Council and a board member of the Oregon Seed Trade Association.

Connor Lewis

Specialties: Seed Production, Seed Procurement

Having grown up and worked on a grass seed farm in the central Willamette valley for many years, Connor has called the grass seed capital his home since birth. He received a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences and a minor in Business/Entrepreneurship from Oregon State University.

Upon graduation he began working for Thomas Ag as a Field Rep. He is now the Production Manager working closely with growers and other industry personnel to maintain a successful production system for Thomas Ag clients. Connor currently serves on the OSU Grass and Legume Advisory Committee.

Sean Jorgensen

Specialties: Logistics, Seed Procurement/Sales, Accounting

Sean moved to the Oregon Willamette Valley in 2007 and grew to love the year-round lush green environment found in Oregon. In 2013, he graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Business Management and a minor in Economics.

At the time of gradation, he encountered Thomas Ag and saw an opportunity to apply his skills from business into the grass seed industry. Now he works with warehouses and suppliers to secure and ship products to Thomas Ag clients. He oversees the complete process from purchases to sales in accounting.