Marketing Portfolio

Thomas Ag Services has extensive experience in creating a "face" for a company. We have played significant roles in the formation of new companies or "re-inventing" existing companies. Additionally, we have developed and implemented numerous marketing projects that resulted in significant sales.

Below are just a few samples of marketing items created by our staff. More information on our marketing services and other services can also be found on this downloadable brochure.


Websites and Catalogs (research, writing, photography and design)

Large Scale Website:

Small Scale Website:

Seed Catalog: CHS Seed Resources


Tech Sheets (research, writing, photography and design)

Heritage Seed Turf (low-resolution sample)

Heritage Seed Forage (low-resolution sample)

Producer's Choice Alfalfa (low-resolution sample)

Thomas Ag Turf (high-resolution sample)

CHS Seed Resources Forage (high-resolution sample)

GS3 Quality Seed Cover Crop (high-resolution sample)

AgService Seeds (high-resolution sample)


Marketing Projects (research, writing, photography, design, mail list development, printer relations)

Dealer Forage Newsletter, Landmark Services Cooperative (direct-mail, high-resolution sample)

Prospecting Brochure, Forage Resources (direct-mail, low-resolution sample)

Cover Crop Prospecting Postcard, Producer's Choice (direct-mail sales push for specific dealer/region, print-ready version). Front pageBack page

Regional Cover Crop Newsletter, Walnut Creek Seeds (direct-mail, high-resolution sample)

Regional Forage and Cover Crop Newsletter, CHS (direct-mail, high-resolution sample)

Regional Forage and Cover Crop Newsletter, CHS (direct-mail, high-resolution sample)

Booth Pop-up Banners, AgService Seeds (33 by 78 inches each)

Booth Pop-up Banners, IntegraTurf (33 by 78 inches each)

Booth Pop-up Banner, Justus Bag (33 by 78 inches)


Email Newsletters and Marketing Campaigns

Thomas Ag Services also provides affordable options for professional electronic newsletter distribution.