Contract Seed Production

Seed Production1The staff at Thomas Ag Services has decades of experience in turf and forage seed production. Over those years, we have developed close relationships with many of the best seed producers in Oregon's Willamette Valley (where our company headquarters is located), and we also have relationships in other seed production areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Our contract production services include:

  1. Finding the best producer(s) for your products and securing the required production acreage.
  2. Assist with seed stock production.
  3. Overseeing production to ensure the crop is managed and processed correctly.
  4. Assisting with logistics to get the seed where it needs to be at the desired time.
  5. Assisting with finding a market for any excess inventory.   

Your company may desire a better price position by producing your own seed, often saving 10% on price. You may not be pleased with your current producer(s). Or you may need additional production to fill demand. Despite this challenging time in the seed industry when production acres may be limited, Thomas Ag Services can help develop the production you need.