Inventory Reporting Program

One of Thomas Ag Services' services is assisting distributors and retailers find seed. As an independent company, we can contact any producer or seed processor to secure the requested product. Because of our versatility in the marketplace, we are constantly receiving inquiries for product.

In the effort to better connect seed producers with the market, Thomas Ag Services has created the first Inventory Reporting Program for turf and forage seed producers. We realize that producers often have inventory in their barn they need to sell. In the past, however, it was often time consuming to track down the needed seed. A distributor, processor or broker would often have to make a dozen calls to find the seed his client requested and may not even think to contact some producers.

Now, we don't have to spend a half day looking for a certain seed product. And seed producers can easily make known to us the inventory they have that is available to sell. We have developed a free, simple online Inventory Reporting Program. The program was developed with farmer producers in mind, but seed production/processor companies can also use the program.

To use the program, register for an account on the homepage by clicking on the big green buttons that say Producers or Distributors. After we approve the request, you can enter in your farm/company information, contact info, and enter the inventory you have. You have the option the mark each lot as "available for sale."   

If a lot is available for sale, then it shows up on our inventory report. Therefore, when we receive a seed inquiry, we can search the available inventories in a matter of seconds, locate the desired seed product, call you (the producer), and arrange the sale/shipment. This is a great tool to help producers move inventory.

The program is also a great tool for maintaining your own inventory. It's simple to use and inventories can be managed on a smart phone or tablet from your barn or warehouse. If you have lots that are under contract and not available for sale, but you still want to use the program to track your inventory, you make that known by the click of a button and we will not see that that part of your inventory on our report.

If you are interested in using this free program to help sell and track inventory or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.