Marketing Development

As with most businesses/industries, quality marketing can significantly increase sales. However, there are thousands of small and/or specialized businesses in the agriculture industry, and those businesses often do not have the resources to afford a quality marketing firm or to hire a full-time marketing specialist. 

Thomas Ag Services realized this dilemma and developed a marketing division specializing in the agriculture industry. Our marketing staff is very versatile and has done work for everyone from the largest companies in the industry (giant ag distributors and retailers) to the smallest "Mom and Pop" companies (small distributors and farm supply stores). Whether you produce a product, distribute a product, or sell a product through retail, we have developed successful marketing campaigns for someone just like you. Our marketing services are often more affordable than you may think. Regardless of your marketing needs, we can design, write, provide photography and graphics, print, distribute, mail or whatever else is needed to help you get your name and products in front of customers.

Additionally, our marketing staff is unique, in that they have extensive agriculture experience and understand the industry.

Our marketing services include:

  1. Digital media development - website development (including online stores), email newsletters, Facebook pages, etc.
  2. Print marketing - newsletters, company magazines, ads, exhibit displays, banners, etc.
  3. Tech sheets and product catalogs.
  4. Article development for industry magazines and websites.
  5. Mail lists.
  6. Photography.
  7. Marketing campaigns for specific products.

If you're not sure what your company may need to boost sales, you're not alone. Don't hesitate to contact us. After we learn about your company, we can suggest a marketing plan that fits your company and your budget and provide samples of the work we have done. 

To view samples of marketing campaigns produced by Thomas Ag Services, CLICK HERE.