Proprietary Variety/Brand Programs

As the market increasingly becomes more competitive and distributors need to find ways to differentiate themselves in the market, proprietary seed products, including brands, are in high demand. Proprietary products allow distributors to have more price control in their market and can help create significant market demand, solidifying a company's balance sheet and reputation. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples from the past 30 years of proprietary seed products that were successfully marketed regionally, or even nationally, that helped a distributor find great success.

Thomas Ag Services has relationships with numerous plant breeders, and we are always evaluating new varieties of turf and forage varieties. Furthermore, our agronomists can assist in a creating quality turf, forage or food plot mixes. Our marketing specialists can help you create packaging and develop the best marketing campaign for your region. Lastly, we can secure the required production acres and manage processing and shipping. Thomas Ag Services is truly a one-stop-shop for implementing a branded program from start to finish.

Proprietary product services for turf, forage or food plot products include (clients may utilize one or more of these services):

  • Improved variety evaluation and acquisition. Thomas Ag Services owns numerous proprietary varieties and has access to many more.
  • Branded product development - variety suggestions and mix recommendations.
  • Packaging/brand design.
  • Marketing plans for new and existing brands and/or improved varieties.
  • Seed production.
  • Manage processing and shipping.

Varieties currently managed by Thomas Ag Services and available for licensing/acquisition:

Approach Annual Ryegrass, turf-type

ATV Tall Fescue, turf-type

Cascadia Perennial Ryegrass, turf-type

Icon Orchardgrass, Forage

Ration Annual Ryegrass, Forage

Sequester Tall Fescue, turf-type

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